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Phlebotomist "CPT" Technician 
August 15th -September 8th 4 Week Course
September 17th-September 18th 2 Day Workshop
September 13th-October 6th 4 Week Course
October 15th-October 16th 2 Day Workshop
October 11th-November 3rd 4 Week Course
Electrocardiography ECG-EKG Technician 
August 15th-September 7th 4 Week Course
September 24th-September 25th 2 Day Workshop
September 12th-October 5th 4 Week Course
October 22th-October 23rd 2 Day Workshop
October 10th-November 2nd 4 Week Course
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist "CBCS" 
August 15th-September 19th 6 Weeks Course
October 10th-November 18th 6 Weeks Course

Medical Assistant "CCMA" Course
August 8th-October 31st 12 Weeks Course
September 26th-December 16th 12 Wks Course

First Aid, CPR & AED
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September 17th

September 24th

October 15th

October 22th

CPR Classes are done by appointment.

Georgia Nurse Aide, August 2022
All courses are held in Brunswick, GA unless posted otherwise.

Notary Public
$ 5.00 Fee

To enroll please contact us at (912) 230-9766. Please register at least 1 week in advance.


The course fees include all course material, such as course, exams, and certifications. The methods of payment are Cash, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express.


Class attire is scrubs of any color and closed toe shoes.

All deposits are non-refundable.